First financing agreement in eHealth field, worth 88 million lei

Romanian Ministry of Communications and Information Society (MCSI) has approved the first financing agreement in the eHealth field, worth 88 million lei, with the beneficiary being the Ministry of Health, reads a MCSI release.

The project ‘Implementation of the National Electronic Prescription System’ is aimed at improving the quality of the medical documents and optimizing costs of medical services, through the implementation of a national electronic prescription system.

Thus, the system will monitor in real time the necessary and consumption of drugs in Romania, will eliminate errors and forgeries existing in the present prescription system, will process and exchange medical information and will also offer the citizens access to quality health services.

The electronic prescriptions will represent a support system to second the doctor in prescribing the drugs, by offering her/him the necessary decision and information support, will take care the electronic transfer of the prescription to the pharmacist and will create the national database in which the drugs prescribed will be electronically registered.

The beneficiaries of the project will be the 44 Health Insurance Houses in Romania, the approximately 30,000 doctors and the 5,350 pharmacies that have concluded agreeements with the county health insurance houses, and also with the approximately 12 million people registered with the Romanian health insurance system.

According to data provided by the MCSI, there currently exist as many as 35 projects, of the public health units currently undergoing assessment for getting finances from the structural funds, which were submitted under the operation 4 „Support of the implementation of eHealth solutions and ensuring of broadband connection, whenever necessary’ (local level projects).

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