Flat prices stagnate in Bucharest, in April

The average prices for the flats in Bucharest stayed at the same level in April like that in the month before, reads the survey conducted by Colliers Real Estate Consultants.

Despite all this, prices changed both for the new and the old flats. in every district. Thus, the flat sale market behaved differently in each Bucharest district, ranging between 1 and+7 percent, the highest rise being registered in the 1st district, where 1 sq. m. cost 1,582 euros (VAT included), in April.

At the same time, the prices for the flats located in Bucharest’s 2nd and 3rd districts grew by 3 percent, while the flats in the 4th and the 6th districts went slightly, namely 1 percent cheap.

Compared to the prices six months ago, the flats’ prices dropped in all the districts at an error margin ranging between 16 and – 40 percent. According to the Colliers experts prices are expected to get stable in the coming months.

The survey took into account data posted at anunturiparticulari.ro portal monitored by the Bucharest Real Estate Index (BREI).


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