Geoana: Public debate on legal codes, a must

Senate Chairman Mircea Geoana on Wednesday said that, in his opinion, the legal codes analyzed by the parliamentary subcommiss ions must benefit by an one- month public debate.

Asked if he agrees to the Govt taking responsibility for the Civil and Criminal Codes, he answered that there are several possibilities to be considered.
„The most important thing for me is to have one month for a public debate, with the involvement of the civil society. Once this impact study done, any possibility is worth considering,” he explained.

Geoana pointed out that the draft codes „are not those of a parliamentary majority,’ and that it was important for the opposition to have its say.

„It’s important to also have the opinions of UDMR and PNL.
These are not the codes of a majority.

Secondly, we need to hear the opinion of the civil society, which complained about not having been consulted enough. I believe we are able to find a balance and please both the European Commission and the people,” the PSD president said.

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