Government’s meeting on Wednesday

The Government is to debate on Wednesday, in a meeting, an Emergency ordinance on the improvement of the taxation procedures and diminishment of fiscal evasion, and the amendments and the final touches to be brought to the Law on the protection of assets, goods, values and persons.

The Government is to also approve a normative act on the financial management of the structural instruments and their utilization aimed at attaining the convergence objective.

The meeting’s agenda also includes the establishment of the legal regime for youth housing, destined to rent, built through the investment programme nationwide and now administered by the local councils, as well as the establishment of beneficiaries and prerogatives of the involved institutions in the implementation of the European plan for food aid, supplied from community intervention stocks, destined to the disadvantaged people categories in Romania.

Other decision drafts going to be debated by the Government’s members also refer to the approval of activities for which financial aid is granted to the agriculture associations in 2009, its quantum, as well as the overall amount allocated to each activity, and the approval of spending occasioned by the organization of the participation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development in the Euro-festival in Brno, the Czech Republic, over May 31 – June 2, 2009.

Boc Cabinet will also discuss about the modification to be brought to the Government’s decision on the setting up of the National Company „Maritime Ports Administration” – SA Constanta, and the setting up of a Regional Oncology Institute in Iasi.

Another item of the Executive’s agenda refers to the approval of the model of the regulation dealing with the organization of management projects competition, of the rules of management evaluation, of the task book, of the evaluation report and of the contract of management.

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