Meeting of joint Romanian-American Committee

The Coordination and Monitoring Center for the Coordination of the Access Agreement with the Defense and Planning Policy Department organized in Bucharest and Mihail Kogalniceanu (Constanta county) the meeting of the joint Romanian – American Committee for the implementation of Law 286/2006 regarding the „Accord between Romania and the US as regards the activity of the US forces stationed on Romania’s territory.”

During the meeting held between May 11-13, the Romanian and American officials talked about the stage of the Accord’s implementation and the joint military exercises this year to be held in Tulcea and Constanta counties.

Also approached was the stage of the construction works on a Forward Operating Site and on the projects of the American Command Europe – EUCOM.

The Romanian delegation was headed by the state secretary for the Defense and Planning Policy Viorel Oancea, and was made up of officials of the Defence and Foreign Ministries, while the American delegation was led by General Major Paul Schafer, chief of the Strategies, Policies and Evaluations with the EUCOM.

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