MEP Cretu: Traders of cheap aggressive remarks disqualify themselves

In an interview, Social Democratic MEP Corina Cretu said that she chose to run again for a seat in the European Parliament out of respect for herself and for those who put their trust in her.

„For me,” says Corina Cretu, ‘activity in the Euro-Parliament was the result of a decade and a half spent in the realm of political communication, first as a journalist and then as a spokesperson of President Ion Iliescu, as well as of the political experience as a Senator and member of the Senate Foreign Policy Committee, a position from where I was appointed as observer in the phase preceding Romania’s accession to the European Union.’

I am passionate about the work in the European Parliament, I sit on two expert committees that cover the areas that interest me the most – Development and Employment, respectively – and I am a member of two of the European Parliament delegations for foreign relations I consider of utmost interest for both the EU overall and for Romania in particular: those relating with the U.S. and the Republic of Moldova.

We initiated a series of projects in all these directions and I hope that in this first full term during which Romania will be represented in the European lawmaking body I will further devote myself to their implementation.

The PSD member of the EP believes that the 2009-2014 term coincides with the decisive moment of the Romanian society effectively getting anchored to the European orbit.

„Beyond the boundaries of political competition, we need joint efforts in order to modernize the society we live in,” says Cretu.
Commenting on the often aggressive election campaign, Corina Cretu said that „the discrepancy between the European and the Romanian style of making politics has widened instead of the domestic standard of civility to raise.

But I think a saturation to shallowness has been reached, people expect us to handle things that really affect their lives in all seriousness. The current economic crisis is a cold shower for everyone, in many respects. As for me, although I am not the kind of person not to respond when attacked unjustly, I have learned over time, that those who trade cheap aggressive remarks disqualify themselves before the citizens.’

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