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Online publicity, estimated at 25-30 mln euros in 2009

2009 outlook for the online publicity industry evolution is very optimistic.

After a first quarters, when the evolution stayed in line with the other communication sectors, showing declines of up to 20 percent compared to the same period last year, domestic online sector gives recovery signals.

Political parties’ campaigns for the Euro-parliamentary elections represent some „oxygen” pumped into the online sector and not only, Financiarul daily ( reports in its Tuesday issue.

According to Bogdan Gavrila, General Manager Intact Interactive, the profile market expects receipts in the value of 25-30 million euros in 2009 due to very advantageous conditions offered by the online companies and by media agencies.

The online companies came with various offers for the Euro-parliamentary elections. Val Voicu, founder of AdEvolution online, told Financiarul that this campaign, starting to be visible these days, is expected to rake some 50,000-80,000 euros.

Bogdan Gavrila said that there are online publicity offers for all candidates interested in trying to get promoted on the Web.

In his turn, Clement Nicolaescu, Marketing&PR Manager ARBOinteractive, expects that the Internet will be also used during this electoral campaign.

Val Voicu estimates the online publicity this year at around the value of 15-18 million euros, under conditions in which in 2008 the market was estimated at 15 million euros.

Vlad Popovici, Digital Communication Manager Kubis, expects the industry to grow by up to 15 percent in 2009, and the company he heads to post a turnover of about 500,000 euros,from development and online creation.

As for the evolution of the main local advertisers in the online environment, Bogdan Gavrila said that the biggest move happens in the beauty zone where, on the backdrop of some important budgets freeze of the greatest players in 2007 and 2008 (L’Oreal being the „Webvertiser of the Year” in 2008), their direct competitors took advantage of the situation, allocating important budgets to win their place in the mindshare. „Currently, Avon and Oriflame started to invest in the online media and Procter&Gamble has a presence which cannot be disregarded”, emphasized Gavrila.

The automotive industry, one of the worst hit by the crisis, did not cut Internet budgets and one can even talk about a fierce battle between the local dealers. To be noted the campaigns initiated by Peugeot, Audi, Seat, Renault, Nissan, Skoda, Opel, Ford, Hyundai, Volvo, Mazda, Toyota.


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