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Parliament starts debating first censure motion tabled this legislative period

The deputies and senators met on Wednesday to debate the first censure motion tabled this legislative period, a step taken by the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) against the Boc Cabinet after the Ministers of Education and Agriculture were in turns in the focus of some simple motions, which were rejected by the Chamber of Deputies.

The censure motion is signed by 124 PNL and UDMR parliamentarians and is titled „Great PD-L-PSD Swindle” (the Liberal Democratic Party and the Social Democratic Party, both of them being on the ruling coalition). The vote of most deputies and senators, that is 236 votes, is needed to adopt it. It will be a secret ballot.

There are 352 senators and deputies in the room, 119 are absent. Premier Emil Boc and other members of the Cabinet are present when the motion is debated: Gheorghe Pogea, Elena Udrea, Monica Iacob-Ridzi, Ion Bazac, Mihai Stanisoara, Theodor Paleologu, Vasile Blaga, Radu Berceanu and Dan Nica.

The censure motion is presented to the plenum by PNL Deputy Daniel Chitoiu.

In the first part of the motion the Liberals made a comparative analysis of the PNL governance and of the PD-L and PSD one, saying that the years of the Liberal governance were „economically the best in the entire modern history of Romania.”

According to the signatories of the motion, Emergency Ordinance 34/2009 on the budget revision for 2009 and on regulating some financial and fiscal measures „marks the failure of the budget and fiscal policy of the PD-L-PSD Government.”

Another reason for dissatisfaction with PNL and UDMR is the introduction of the lump sum tax, which is said to be the end of the 16 percent flat tax.
The PNL and UDMR parliamentarians think that the introduction of this tax will be quite „disastrous” as the revenues that should come from the other taxes and charges owed by these companies will decrease significantly but also as the number of unemployed people in Romania will grow considerably.

The signatories of the motion also say that the Romanians’ standard of living has considerably decreased since PD-L and PSD came to power. „The private companies close their shutters and the level of investments as well as the Romanians’ standard of living go down dramatically,” reads the above-mentioned motion.


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