Premier Boc: Government has taken important steps to remove fiscal imbalance

Since December 2008 the PD-L-PSD Government (the Liberal Democratic Party and the Social Democratic Party) has taken important steps on the road to removing the fiscal imbalance, Premier Emil Boc told the plenum of Parliament on Wednesday during the debate on the vote of censure initiated by the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania.

„We have assumed the necessity to adjust public expenses and the budget deficit under the circumstances of a pressing economic crisis. Even under theses circumstances we have adopted an aggressive programme of public investments in infrastructure.

Twenty percent of the budget money is allocated to investments, that is 37.9 billion lei, namely 7.1 percent of the GDP.

In other words, even under crisis circumstances, this government allocates the largest sum of money ever allocated by a government to investments,” said Boc.

He added that this money was directed to the investments in transport, environment, education, health, heat rehabilitation of the blocks of flats, to recovering the infrastructure in the countryside.

In the field of transports alone the 4,813 million lei ensure the financing of some major things such as the Transilvania motorway, the motorway connecting Bucharest to Brasov (central Romania), making the traffic run more smoothly on National Road 1, the ring road in Ploiesti (southern Romania), the ring road in Constanta (south-eastern Romania), the rehabilitation of National Road 6 connecting Drobeta-Turnu Severin (south-western Romania) to Lugoj (western Romania), building the ring road in Deva-Orastie (western Romania), the rehabilitation of the Bucharest-Constanta railway, enumerated the Prime Minister.

„It is for the heat rehabilitation of the blocks of flats alone that we have allocated 17 times as much money as in 2008 and 3-4 times as much for the rural infrastructure,” said the Head of Government.

Boc emphasized the fact that the Government he had been running laid emphasis on the absorption of the community funds.

„You could notice that, in the censure motion, this word, ‘European funds,’ misses altogether. And it is with good reason that that we ask why PNL does not say anything about this subject.

Because in only four months, the PD-L-PSD Government managed to do what the older Government did in two years as regards the absorption of the community funds,” said the Prime Minister.

He mentioned again the fact that the Government managed to keep the „motive power” of the economic development by keeping the flat tax, the VAT, which were not changed, when in other countries they grew.

The Head of Government also referred to the social measures his Cabinet took during this time of crisis.
„This Government will forget nobody and nobody is going to be abandoned.

This means that we have taken care and will take care of those categories that are most vulnerable when it comes to the effects of the economic crisis,” said Boc, who mentioned the creation of the minimum compulsory pension amounting to 350 lei starting on October 1, but also the 5 percent rise in pensions this year.

„This demonstrates that this Government, by laying emphasis on the economic aspect, also considers this social component, which is so necessary for a balanced society,” added the Prime Minister.

According to him, the three-month extension of the unemployment time and the 90 percent subsidized medicines for the pensioners having incomes lower than 600 lei are measures taken by the Government for the social component.

„At this time of crisis we pay salaries and pensions and I am saying that the value of the expenses for pensions and salaries is higher than the one in 2008 as, starting on January 1, we applied all the salary rises that were made in the previous years. This Government is paying all its social obligations connected to pensions, salaries, social benefits.

We have also paid the 13th salary as a very proof of the respect for the working people,” said the Head of Government.

Emil Boc did not forget the „luxury” budget employees of the Tariceanu Government and said that their salaries went down from 30,000-40,000 euros a month to 4,800 lei at most.


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