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Romania stays attractive to Austrian investors

Romania is going to attract 20 percent of the new investment projects to be developed in 2009 by companies operating on the Central and Eastern European region, according to a poll conducted by the news and analysis agency Thomson Reuters in cooperation with the Austrian Bank OeKB, quoted by the Ziarul financiar daily.

Despite the difficult economic environment, investors are ready to launch new businesses in Central and Eastern Europe. Thus, as many as 59 investment projects were planned in April to be developed in this region, 44 of which to concentrate in Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia-Montenegro,’ showed the poll.

Romania appears to stay better at this chapter in the second quarter of 2009 compared with the same interval in 2008, when it was expected to attract only 14 percent of the new investments, the same as Ukraine back then.

On the other hand, the poll notes that most investors have suspended their development plans in the region. Operations in Romania, Slovakia or Hungary appear to have been even more affected than those in Slovenia or Poland.

In the case of Romania, the conjectural balance (the balance between investors bringing new capital and those who taking the money back) went down to -10 percent in the April poll, from more than 40 percent the level in the 2008 spring.

Participating in the poll there were 400 companies headquartered in Vienna, having more than 1,300 branches spread in the Central and Eastern Europe. The poll has been conducted on a quarterly basis, with the first 2009 poll having been carried out in January, and the second being this in April.


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