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Romania to support use of renewable energy at EU – Rio Group Meeting

Romania will underline at the EU – Rio Group Ministerial Meeting, organized on Wednesday and Thursday, in Prague, the importance of utilization of renewable energy sources for boosting energy security and diminishment of the climatic changes effects, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs in a release.

Romania’s delegation will be headed by State secretary for global affairs Doru Costea.

The Ministerial Meeting this year will approach two subjects: renewable energy sources – a sustainable approach of the energy security and climatic changes, as well as the re-establishment of the financial stability and global economy growth.

Participants in this event will adopt a declaration, set to reflect joint positions of the EU states and of the members of the Rio Group on the two main topics to be debated during this meeting.

Within debates, Romania will underline the importance of utilization of renewable energy resources for boosting energy security and the diminishment of climatic changes effects, as well as the capacity to contribute to securing a sustainable energy future for the European Union.

At the same time, the added value which the Rio Group member states can bring to the process of development of renewable energy sources will be also pointed out.

As for the economic items, Romania will emphasize its availability to cooperate with its European partners for the identification of joint solutions in view to reduce the impact of the world financial and economic crisis.

On the sidelines of the meeting, head of the Romanian delegation will meet Gonzalo Fernandez, Minister for Foreign Relations of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, occasion for approaching aspects related to bilateral relations and cooperation at multilateral level.

The EU – Rio Group mechanism of cooperation is part of a larger framework of the EU inter-regional dialogue with Latin American states, being established in 1986, in the aim to facilitate the political dialogue on common interest topics.

The Rio Group includes all Latin America states, as well as representatives of the states from Caribbean zone. Mexico currently holds the pro-tempore Presidency of the Rio Group.


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