Sabin Cutas (PSD+PC): Romania can be an European brand

Candidate of PSD+PC Alliance (Social Democratic Party, respectively Conservative Party, in the ruling coalition) for the European Parliament (EP) Sabin Cutas told, in an interview, that he plans to turn Romania into an European brand after being elected European MP.
„Experience in the media represents an advantage because in this field you attempt to sell your product the best, and you have to attract attention. I think that we have to devise a marketing strategy and turn Romania into a product we can sell as well as we could in Europe and in other parts of the globe”, emphasized the PC candidate positioned on the eighth eligible spot on PSD+PC Alliance list.
Former Senate’s Deputy Chairman, defeated in 2008 electoral race for a new mandate of senator, Sabin Cutas will try to convince the electorate both with his own projects and those proposed by the PSD+PC team, as well as with anti-Basescu messages.
Cutas considers the European elections as a test for the political parties ahead of the presidential elections, recognizing that Romania’s President election is the true stake also in the European Parliament elections.
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