Second edition of IndAgra Food&D rink to open soon

The Romexpo Exhibitions Centre based in the Romanian capital city Bucharest is going to host the 2nd edition of the IndAgra Food & Drinks fair, which will be held between May 20-23, 2009.
According to organizers, starting with the 2009 edition, Romexpo launches a new concept of IndAgra Food & Drink, rejoining the thematic of the Food Industry Saloon (meat processing equipment, milk and dairy processing equipment, bakery, pasta, confectionery processing equipment, meat, snacks, fruits and vegetables, tins, honey and beekeeping products, oils and vegetable fats) together with the thematic of the Pisciculture saloon, the one of the EcoAgriculture Saloon and of the Proshop Saloon, introducing also as new elements the Wines Saloon and the Beverages Saloon in order to broaden the exhibition’s thematic.
There were 190 companies from 20 countries announced to participate on the organizers’ Web page, Romania included.
The 2008 edition brought together 309 companies from 22 countries, having occupied a surface of 18,700 sq m, with 47 percent of these exhibitors having been foreign companies.
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