Switzerland to go on supporting justice in Romania

Minister of Justice and Civic Freedoms Catalin Predoiu on Tuesday, in Bucharest, met head of the Federal Department of Justice and Police of the Helvetic Confederation and federal councillor Eve line Widmer-Schlumpf and talked about the reforms in the Romanian judicial system.

According to a release on Tuesday, the two officials talked about the organization of the judicial system in Romania, about the stage of the reforms in justice as well as about the progress made in the anti-corruption struggle.

„The two sides agreed to work on a general cooperation framework and, at the same time, they talked about concrete areas where Switzerland could help Romania, such as the training of magistrates, the struggle against corruption and justice for minors. The Swiss Parliament is to approve the general cooperation framework with Romania by the end of 2009,” reads the release.

The above-mentioned source says that the Minister of Justice appreciated the support given by Switzerland for developing two workshops for fulfilling the obligation to work for the community by the persons who were condemned to a sentence that does not deprive them of freedom, who thus got an obligation from the court.

The Ministry of Justice and Civic Freedoms (MJLC) says that the first workshop of this kind was opened early this month in Brasov (central Romania) as part of the partnership with the Swiss organization VEBO, the Association for the Development of Probation in Eastern Europe.

According to the release mentioned before, federal councillor Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf also met Dan Nica, Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Administration and the Interior, on Tuesday.

According to MJLC, Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf was to go to Timisoara (western Romania) to visit the Emergency Transit Centre, which temporarily takes up refugees with a view to relocating them definitively in another state that should take them up for good.

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