Three-digit registration numbers in Bucharest

Within two months at most, Bucharest drivers will have their cars registered with plates featuring three-digit numbers instead of the two-digit ones that have been used so far.

According to the head of the Directorate for Driving Licences and Vehicle Registration, Chief Police Commissioner Marian Tutilescu, the service in Bucharest has used up almost all possibilities of two-digit combinations on the number plates.

At present in Romania’s capital there are about 750,000 registered vehicles. The combinations available for the two-digit number plates still cover 150,000 registrations. Depending on the pace of the registrations, but anyway no later than two months, they are to start giving three-digit registration numbers, said Tutilescu.

The law on the public road traffic in Romania stipulates that every motor vehicle or trailer should be given a registration number made up of the capitals standing for the name of the county, the running number and a three-digit combination, written in capital letters.


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