Traian Basescu joins Revista 22 editorial board in celebration of its 1001st issue

Romanian President Traian Basescu on Tuesday evening attended at the headquarters of the Group for Social Dialogue (GDS) the events occasioned by the celebration of the 1001st edition of the Revista 22 weekly publication, with the head of the state having stayed after the official speeches too, discussing with members of the editorial board and also with other intellectuals and politicians present.

Basescu appreciated on this occasion that Revista 22 had not only a quite spectacular history, but also prestigious.

‘Spectacular for this magazine is unique on the Romanian media scene and for, and I apologize but I need to say this, for it is not even part of the Romanian mass media structure.

The magazine represents a true phenomenon, of pure stubbornness, a dream, a hope and an arbiter between the good and the bad,’ the Romanian President said in his speech.

In his turn, Gabriel Liiceanu noticed he hasn’t seen so many people at the GDS headquarters since 1990, when for the first time Monica Lovinescu and Virgil Ierunca return to Romania from exile.

This magazine and this group have managed to gather here all those intellectuals who understood for them minding their own business was not enough, intellectuals who cared, who did not remain indifferent to the world in which they live,’ Liiceanu also said.

The former Romanian President Emil Constantinescu appreciated that Revista 22 is a magazine that, together with the GDS, played an important role in the history of post-communist Romania and also remarked the role played by the magazine in the crystallization of conscience in Romania.

‘I have already been working for nine years on books about the Revolution and about the time that followed it, which helped me to understand what separates Romania from the countries in the Central Europe and why this strange destiny: it was the fact that no dialogue existed in the country during the dictatorial regime.

Which doesn’t mean there existed no resistance,’ Constantinescu said, also adding, in this context, the group from the Revista 22, always open to dialogue, played thus an important role after 1989.

Attending the celebrations at the GDS headquarters there were also: Prime Minister Emil Boc, the head of the Romanian Cultural Institute Horia Roman Patapievici, Ana Blandiana, Valeriu Stoica, Radu F. Alexandru, Vasile Dancu, Vasile Puscas, Monica Macovei, Varujan Vosganian, Cristian Preda, Rasvan Popescu.

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