Rob van der Water, political adviser of the Socialist Groups in the European Parliament deems that the future European commissioner of Romania should be able to successfully present Romania’s concerns.

‘When Romania will send a commissioner to Brussels, I hope he will be able to successfully present Romania’s concerns, someone who will be able to do this together with those from the other countries.

Because Romania’s interests can be best served by people who can work together with the other representatives of the European countries,’ said on Thursday in a news conference Rob van der Water.

Rob van der Water stressed on this occasion the importance of Romanians’ turnout to vote June 7, pointing out that the vote will nominate those who will contribute to taking decisions in the European Parliament.

According to Rob van der Water, in all the countries of the European Union there’s the fear that the turnout will not be very high.

Rob van der Water considers that one of the reasons of low turnout might be the fact that Brussels seems to be far away and the language is not understood by people or because at national level many politicians do not like the idea that Brussels has such big importance.

‘What we’ve been trying to tell people these days was that what we are doing in Brussels is directly connected with every day’s life and that everyone can decide within a few weeks who will be the representative to Brussels, who will contribute to decision-making in your favour.

I truly hope people will know this time that the decision is really important,’ said Rob van der Water.

The political adviser Rob van der Water of the European Parliament’s Socialist Group underscored the importance of the European Union, stressing that the EU members have the opportunity together to be stronger and cope with the incumbent crisis successfully.

‘Now, people have an important mission of choosing how they can cope with the crisis, which are the priorities to fight against the crisis,’ said Rob van der Water.

Rob van der Water attended alongside the social-democrat MEPs Adrian Severin and Ioan Mircea Pascu electoral meetings in the counties of Maramures and Dolj, where they explained people the way an electoral campaign unfolds and the estimates on the evolution of the European left.

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