BNS: We are demanding an end to politicisation that affects society

The Romanian society needs and end to politicisation, and a more efficient plan to combat crisis, Chairman of the National Trade Union Bloc (BNS) Dumitru Costin said at the end of a protest march in Bucharest attended by nearly 9,000 trade union members.

‘It is high time we put an end to the politicisation of the society.

We need jobs and a strategy that aims to provide decent wages, a reform of the healthcare and the education systems, as well as of public employment,’ said Costin.

At the end of today’s march, Costin lodged a report with the Labour Ministry comprising a strategy of trade unions to get the country out of crisis.
After the march, Costin met Labour Minister Marian Sarbu and State Secretary with the Labour Ministry Valentin Mocanu.

Representatives of all trade union federations are scheduled to meet on May 19 to set up a working group that will look into the trade union’s proposed measures to get the country out of the ongoing crisis.


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