CCSB opinion poll: 62 percent of the population believes Romania goes to wrong direction

As much as 62 percent of Romanians believe that the country is going to a wrong direction and only 29 percent believe the country is going to a good direction, while nine percent declined to give an answer, reads an opinion poll ordered by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, carried out by the Company of Sociological Research and Branding (CCSB).

The poll reads that 91 percent of those questioned believe that the main problem Romania is facing is the economic one, 55 percent the living standards, 43 percent politics, 38 percent the rest.

For 42 percent of those interviewed the most important thing is to be in good health, for 13 percent the most important is money, for 12 percent to have a job and a career, for nine percent to have a peaceful life, six percent want to have a healthy family and three percent to see their children have a good lif.

As much as 37 percent of the youth who participated in the poll believe that the most important thing for them is to work and build a career, 13 percent to have money, 11 percent to end their studies, ten percent to enjoy entertainment, six percent to have a future and a career.

Asked how important some things are, 94 percent said good health, 92 percent the family, 85 percent a good life in the days to come, 80 percent faith in God, 80 percent honesty, 77 their offspring, 77 percent to do good things in life, 74 percent work, 73 percent happiness.

Ten percent of the interview think that the most important thing for youth currently is all levels of schools, nine percent the Ministry of Education, 5 percent the Ministry of Youth and Sports, 3 percent the church, ten percent the local public administration.

Asked about the importance of the things the state has to do for the youth, 77 percent thought of jobs and professional promotion, 36 percent thought to be given a house by the state, 14 percent thought of adequate education, 11 percent of well paid jobs, ten percent to financial support, 9 percent of stability in education and eight percent of conditions and access to education.

The poll was conducted May 6-10, on a batch of 2,0004 people. The sample is representative for the non-institutionalized adult population of Romania, with a tolerated error of 2.2 percent, at a probability level of 95 percent.

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