Cernavoda nuclear power plant puts out almost 1mln MWh in April

The two units of the Nuclear Power Plant (CNE) in Cernavoda (south-east) put out 990,073 MWatt/hour, in April and supplied 912,760 MWh to the National Energy Grid at an average capacity factor of 100.11 percent, Nuclearelectrica Web page reads.

Unit 1 put out 514,733 MWh and supplied 473,937 MWh to the Grid and Unit 2 put out 475,340 MWh and delivered 438,823 MWh.

Unit 1 made 2.053 million MWh and delivered 1.89 million MWh of them to the Grid, while the Unit 2 made 1.997 million MWh and supplied 1.846 million MWh, during the first four months of the year.

In 2008 Cernavoda , CNE with both units at work, put out about 11.226 million MWh, and supplied 10.333 million MWh to the Grid at an average capacity factor of 84.83 percent for Unit 1 and 96.92 percent for Unit 2.

Unit 1’s average capacity factor was lower because the Unit was in scheduled stop, in June 2008.

The electricity the Cernavoda two Units put out stands for about 18 percent of Romania’s total electricity production.

Moreover, Unit 1 supplied between 60,000 and 80,000 Gigacalories (about 50 percent of the demand) for the heating of the users on the Plant’s industrial platform and Cernavoda’s dwellers, every year, without affecting the turbine’s nominal electric power. The delivered electricity was at the lowest national price.


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