Consumption of natural gas exceeds 34 million MWh in two months

Consumption of natural gas totalled 34.286 million MWh in January-February 2009, in Romania, with 17.578 million MWh having been consumed in January and 16.707 in February, according to data released on the Web page of the National Regulatory Authority in the Field of Energy (ANRE).

The domestic production of natural gas for consumption in February 2009 represented 77.45 percent of the total resources. The first two producers on the market – Romgaz and Petrom – covered together 98.44 percent of these resources.

Imports of natural gas used for consumption in February, either direct or from warehouses, represented the difference of 22.55 percent.

The first three importers – domestic suppliers – holding an import market share of of more than 15 percent each (Distrigaz Sud, E.ON Gas Romania and Wiee Romania) supplied together 84.46 percent.

The price for the natural gas from import stood at an average 46.44 dollars per MWh in February.

The total demand of natural gas in May was estimated at more than 6.95 million MWh and would probably be 70.6 percent covered from the domestic production and 29.4 percent from import, according to the Transgaz’ substantiation report sent to ANRE.

The demand on the captive market was estimated at 1.955 million MWh, out of which 1.168 million MWh were for domestic consumers, with the demand on the eligible consumer market standing at 4.155 million MWh, the remaining representing the technological consumption.

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