Emil Boc: State tenants’ contracts, extended five years


The Government extended the rent contracts for people living in state-owned buildings, Premier Emil Boc announced on Wednesday.

„I want to tell all Romanians, parts in the rent contracts for housing units owned by the state, or in the property of territorial administrative units, that we have solved the situation of these rent contracts. New rent contracts will be concluded on a five-year period, which in fact will assure the continuity of the old contracts”, said Boc.

The Premier specified that an emergency ordinance will concretely establish the tenants’ right to conclude a contract on another five years.

Asked why the normative act was delayed till now, even though the contracts expired a month ago, he invoked the legal provisions referring to inferred reallocation.

Approximately 180,000 tenants live in state-owned housing units and will benefit of this normative act issued by the Government.
The rent contracts expired on April 8, 2009.

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