Geoana: Basescu has disunited Romania; I will unite it back

President Traian Basescu has disunited Romania by the power of abuses, I will unite Romanians by the power of my own example, national leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Mircea Geoana said on Thursday after being nominated by the PSD National Council to run as the party’s candidate in this autumn’s presidential election.

Geoana said the real stake of 2009 is a new beginning for Romania.

‘It greatly depends on 2009 if Romania comes out of the crisis a victor or a loser.

PSD’s duty is not only to get Romania rid of Traian Base scu, but to get Romania rid of crisis. I no longer want to see our country blasted; we are a country of proud people and winners,’ said Geoana.

Geoana also argued that any party that want to means something on the political stages has to break free from the ‘lash’ to which Traian Base scu keep them latched to.

‘We assure the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L) that we will break free from the lash, and we will get them and all of Romanians free,’ said Geoana.

The PSD chief said PSD will never turn its back to pensioners, about whom he said have built Romania.

‘Traian Basescu was the one who opposed pension rises, the one who turned the younger generations against the elderly. Romania needs a president that will unite the generations,’ said Geoana.

He did not forget the youths, underscoring that the PSD’s duty is to help Romania’s labourers and wage earners to an equal extent.

‘I have an unshakable faith in the chance of our nation to break free from injustices, in the chance of all Romanians to live a decent life in their own country,’ said Geoana, mentioning that this is his first reason why he is running for president, and not just for the sake of ousting Traian Basescu.

‘What I want us to do together is not change the president or the political regime; what I would like us to do together is build a new Romania,’ said Geoana to the cheers of the PSD officials.

The PSD chief warned that in the electioneering campaign for the European and the presidential elections ‘false prophets’ will come out, but Romania’s real change can only come from the PSD, from the Romanian and European Left.

‘I do not want us to turn the European election into a referendum on the President, because the European election will determine the future of Romania,’ said Geoana, arguing that PSD has the best team in Romania for the European Parliament.

‘Adrian Severin and the European Socialists came to the help of Romanians in Italy when the dignity of our fellow nationals was trampled under foot,’ said Geoana, adding that the European Socialist family is a guarantee that human rights will be observed.


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