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Geoana: Romania needs a new beginning

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) is on a mission to turn Romania into a winning European country, PSD national leader Mircea Geoana told a convention of the PSD National Council on Thursday.

He said Romania needs a new beginning starting December.

He added that Romania is facing a national and international moment as complex as the December 1989 Revolution.

‘We have always been where the national interest required us to be, and our party has always been a support for the construction of a country headed for Europe,’ said Geoana.

He tanked the attendees of the National Council convention for their confidence in him and their friendship to him.

Honorary chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Ion Iliescu on Thursday officially recommended Mircea Geoana to be the party’s presidential candidate in this autumn’s presidential election.

‘I am proposing you that we endorse Mircea Geoana for Romania’s president and I am making this proposal being convinced that he has the potential and the necessary capacity for such a high mission,’ Iliescu told the participants to their cheers.

Iliescu said the extraordinary Congress of PSD will validate the party’s candidate for president, saying that the National Council convention has to present to the PSD supreme body a recommendation for the presidential candidate.

‘As we all know, Mircea Geoana has voiced his wish to go on this important battle and many organisations have endorsed him,’ said Iliescu.

The PSD honorary chairman also voiced conviction that the PSD militants, who have many times won the battle for the party, and their allies from the Conservative Party (PC) will mobilise now all their forces to secure the victory of their candidate.


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