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Government allocates funds for thermal rehabilitation of blocks of flats

The Executive has allocated on Wednesday, through a Government Decision, the amount of 360 million lei (some 85 million euros) for the thermal rehabilitation of the blocks of flats, but owners’ applications exceed the amount of 785 million lei (some 185 million euros), announced Minister for Regional Development and Housing Vasile Blaga.

„In the two months (since the programme’s launch – editor’s note) we received applications with technical and economic indicators in the value of 785 million lei, namely twice as much as the available amount, for 1,735 blocks with 75,685 flats”, said Vasile Blaga.

The Minister informed that in the first seven years just 87 blocks with some 1,800 flats were rehabilitated under this programme, and this year some 50,000 flats are going to be rehabilitated.

As well, Blaga said that he asked for another 100 million lei (some 23.5 million euros) for the implementation of this project from the money the European Union will grant for investments, in July.

„We already examine a multi-annual programme. What misses funds this year, will be automatically included as a priority next year”, Vasile Blaga underlined.

„This Government’s effort refers not only to the implementation of the said project, but is also aimed at the cut of tariff bills by at least 40 percent because we imposed by law an energy consumption of no more than 100kw/per hour, per square meter, per year, calculated to the useful surface”, said Minister Blaga.

He underscored that the programme’s success also contributed to the financing scheme, according to which 50 percent of the money come from the state budget, 30 percent from the town halls and 20 percent from the beneficiaries.

As well, a large number of town halls offered to finance the amount accounting for 20 percent, supposed to be paid by the housing units owners.

As such, of the 69 town halls included in the programme, 37 received the entire required amounts, 9 received more than 75 percent and 15 – between 57 percent and 75 percent.

At the same time, Minister Blaga warned the mayors they have the obligation to select the blocks of flats, rehabilitation object, and send the list to the ministry within a week. He said that the average price nationwide allocated to a standard flat is 4,000 euros.


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