Lafarge invests 1.6m euros in Oltenita-based aggregate warehouse

Lafarge Aggregate Concrete has invested 1.6 million euros in the construction and planning of a warehouse of aggregates opened on Thursday in Oltenita (south¬west of Bucharest), according to a release of the company.

Situated on an area of 2 ha, the warehouse has a storage capacity of 25,000 tonnes of aggregates and a volume of 450,000 tonnes a year.

The quarry aggregates will be transported by barge from Dobrogea and will serve the south area, being traded mainly in Bucharest.

Lafarge Aggregate Concrete reported in Q1 this year a turnover worth 14.62 million lei, up by some 42 percent as against the same period of 2008.

The company’s losses grew in the aforementioned period 3.5 times and stood at 5.014 million lei. The company’s overall revenues exceeded 20.7 million lei and expenditures 25.287 million lei.

In Romania, the activity of aggregates and concrete of the group is represented by companies Lafarge Aggregate Concrete, Lafarge Comnord, Lafarge Concrete, GHM MixBeton and Cariere Plus, which activate in more than half of the country’s counties and operates in 17 concrete stations, seven quarries, warehouse of aggregates.

The turnover in 2008 for the activity of aggregates and concrete in Romania amounted to some 300 million lei.

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