MEP Severin: It’s not people failing to understand the EU, but leaders failing to explain it


Social-Democratic MEP Adrian Severin on Thursday underscored during a press conference the importance of a strong voter turnout in the June 7 elections, arguing that if its citizens go to the polls in a much higher percentage than other EU nationals, Romania’s opinion will weigh heavier in EU decision-making.

„For the first time we will hold truly European elections.
There is a certain sensitivity in EU circles.

A nation voting in massive numbers enjoys higher attention than the others. We need Romanians to be well informed in the first place.

One cannot make a choice if one doesn’t know what this is all about, what to elect, if one is not familiar with European Union mechanisms, with the procedures for the European Parliament’s functioning,’ explained Severin.

He added that both the urban and rural population needs enlightenment about the European Union and the European Parliament and that particular leaders either do not know what the EU means, or refuse to admit that this is a major reality for the Romanians, a reality that competes the domestic political process.

The Romanian people „are not as ignorant about the EU as some would like to see them. It’s not the people who do not understand the EU, but the leaders who fail to explain it.

And this lack of clarification appears because many of the leaders themselves do not understand the EU. There are leaders in Bucharest who understand less of the EU than the country people in the remote northern regions of Oas or Maramures.

There are also leaders unwilling to explain the EU, although they know their way through it, because they do not want to say and accept that they cannot do what they promise and that they would not make the best leaders for the Romanians and that politicians exist elsewhere who can keep their promises and who can make good leaders for the Romanians’ destinies.

There are political leaders in Bucharest who are so absorbed in battling one another for more or less personal local gains, that they are simply no longer interested in the EU and are even disturbed by this European project.

This is the cruel reality I found on site,’ said the Social Democratic MEP.

According to Severin, there is also a category of leaders who feel bothered in their battle by the European process.
Romanians are ‘a people that understands far more than we believe them to.

I was impressed to find that grassroots knew a lot about the European Parliament.

The bad part is that we are not forthcoming with them and not really trying to work with people in this partnership between the political and social realm that should characterize society,’ added the PSD member of EP who is running for yet another term in the European lawmaking body.

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