Prince Radu pleads for promoting competence in Romania

Prince Radu on Thursday, during the meeting with the delegation of experts of the Federal Foundation for Studying Dictatorship in Berlin, pleaded for changing mentalities and promoting competence in Romanian society.

„In Romania competence is not yet a criterion in the working of the society although there is an extraordinary potential of human value, which is not respected and promoted,” said the Prince, who added that „changing mentalities is an important responsibility of a statesman.”

Answering the interest taken by the members of the German delegation in his candidacy for Romania’s Presidency, Prince Radu voiced confidence in the fact that „the Romanians are a creative nation,” saying that some of his concerns as a possible Head of State will be consolidating and making institutions more professional, which will have to be at the service of the citizen.

„The Romanian society is not a monarchic one, it is a deeply republican one, but most of its members appreciate the sense of duty, loyalty, the power of the personal example, principles the Royal Family has unswervingly promoted from Carol I to King Mihai, and we want to have them instated in our society,” said Prince Radu.

Speaking of something else, the Prince voiced support to and appreciation for the steps taken by the Federal Foundation for Studying Dictatorship in Berlin and by some similar organizations, to the importance of the public debate on this subject, voicing hope that the Romanian and German experts in the field will cooperate so that the lessons of the past should not be forgotten.

During their stay in Romania thirty personalities making up the German delegation, experts in contemporary history and political sciences and, at the same time, remarkable personalities of the political environment, of the civil society and of the German press, will meet representatives of such institutions as Romania’s National Archives, the National Council for Studying the Securitate Archives, the Institute for Investigating the Crimes of Communism in Romania, the Faculty of History.

The members of the German delegation on Friday will take part, together with representatives of the institutions visited by them, in the workshop titled „The Past That Does Not Disappear: Contemporary History, Education and Justice in Romania and Germany after 1989.”

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