PSD’s Adrian Nastase: Romania’s disease is called Traian Basescu

Romania’s disease is President Traian Basescu, chairman of the National Council (NC) of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Adrian Nastase declared on Thursday, from the lectern of the forum.

„To cure a disease it’s essential to set a correct diagnosis. Romania’s disease today is Traian Basescu. He and the regime he attempts to impose.

A regime of lie, hatred, intolerance and despise for law, of chaos and revenge, of isolation.

There’s but one treatment: the vote of the Romanians that should rid the state of Traian Basescu, setting in place an efficient, modern state capable of finding solutions to the people’s problems,” said Adrian Nastase.

The chairman of the PSD NC underscored that in the June 7 Euro-Parliament elections the Romanians won’t vote only for the European Parliament, just as in November they won’t just cast their vote to have Traian Basescu replaced in office, but also for the direction the country will be heading for and for a new Romania.

„We set off today on a way that leads to Traian Basescu’s replacement, at the end of the year. To this aim, PSD should provide a serious and credible alternative not only to Traian Basescu, but also to his manner of making politics.

The next President of Romania must be the PSD candidate. Let us all battle for him, because Romania needs a new President, a visionary President; 20 years after the fall of Nicolae Ceuasescu there is need for a new beginning, there is need for a President other than Traian Basescu, for a man to work for all Romanians, not just for his cronies,’ Adrian Nastase remarked before the cheering attendance of several thousand.

The speaker added that Romania needs a leader enjoying respect and influence in Europe and throughout the world, who should think about the well-being of the many, not just „of his drinking fellows.”

Adrian Nastase also said that PSD is required to point out who really carries the burden of governing and expressed support for the PSD ministers „who actually shoulder the heaviest load.’

‘The PD-L tagline should be ‘We take the benefits, you take the hardships’ or as the word goes, ‘The pleasures of the mighty, tears of the poor’. This cannot go on any longer!” said Nastase in a burst of applause.

Nastase said that the PSD NC meeting is not devoted to organizational and doctrinal issues, but to conveying the message that PSD is ready for the final „assault” and that „as of this moment, Mircea Geoana starts a huge fight.”

„PSD will start in Bucharest its offensive to regain national dignity,” said Nastase.

He added that during Traian Basescu’s term, the Romanians were humiliated in their homeland as never before and never has despise for the grassroots been more evident.

Nastase also raised the issue of the economic crisis and said that now is the „moment of reason for the Left.”

„There is something going on all over the world, that reminds one of the note above underground escalators, reading ‘advance on the left side, stand on the right side,” he mentioned.

According to the Social Democratic leader, PSD will resolve the crisis of the rule of law state Traian Basescu has been „industriously” producing for five years now, by ‘docking’ him in November.

Nastase also argued that „Basescu is the main to blame for the country’s issues within the judiciary, related to the crisis of the rule of law state, as he is actually the one who runs the Romanian justice through carefully selected instruments.”

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