Public sector staff’s pay in executive, legislative and judicial systems to be balanced

The salaries paid the public sector staff working in the executive, legislative and judicial systems set by the single pay law will be balanced and the amount of such salaries will be decided by talks, Prime Minister Emil Boc said on Wednesday.

‘We start from the proposal that there should be balance among the executive, legislative and judicial powers, given that they are important powers of the state and the talks will begin from an equal position of the three powers.

The amount is to be set following the negotiations’, Boc said after the Government’s meeting, in answer to a question on the public sector pay system.

The working group that will draft the single pay law in the public sector last Thursday decided to set up three levels of payment.
Level one includes the highest salaries, to be paid the university professors, prosecutors, judges and army generals.

Level two refers the GPs, university readers, army majors, judges, high school teachers having worked for 10 years, diploma court clerks and pharmacists.

Level three includes the police agents, town hall secretaries, court clerks, laboratory specialists and primary school teachers.

The working group is now to include all the professional brackets into the payment pattern, so that there may be a 1 to 15 ratio between the lowest and the highest pay.

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