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Senate chairman: Romania – Poland cooperation, essential

Bilateral cooperation is essential for countries with so considerable a share inside the EU like Romania and Poland, said Senate chairman Mircea Geoana on the occasion of the visit to the Parliament of Romania of Poland’s Sejm Marshal Bronislaw Komorowski, informs a Thursday release.

Talks mainly envisaged the deepening of bilateral relations between Romania and Poland, with a view to going beyond the multilateral framework provided by the European Union. Mircea Geoana and Bronis law Komorowski agreed that so far, bilateral cooperation between Romania and Poland was limited to ‘talks and propositions.’

„Beyond the multilateral EU framework, bilateral cooperation between countries with so large a share inside the EU and in the region, but also with common interests related to the common agricultural policy, energy and energy security, the Union’s enlargement and the common security policy of the European structure, is essential,’ said the Senate chairman, according to the cited document.

During the meeting, Mircea Geoana and Bronis law Komorowski also approached the subject of the EU foreign policy.

„The two officials identified Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia as the vital points for the future of the EU foreign policy in a geopolitical context shaped by heightened political instability in these countries.

Geoana expressed pessimism about future political stability in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, warning of the risk that the Transdniester conflict ripples to the entire Republic of Moldova.

The Romanian Senate chairman stressed that ‘on the medium term the match has not been lost’, terming as ‘regrettable, ungrounded and false’ the accusations Chisinau brought against Romanian authorities for allegedly having a hand in the violent events that took place in Moldova’s Capital City after the parliamentary elections in this country,” reads the release.

At the end of the meeting, Mircea Geoana proposed the Polish Sejm Marshal that the governments of the two countries, or at least their economy or social issues ministers schedule some joint sessions.

The Senate chairman also accepted the invitation of the Marshal of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland to attend in Warsaw the celebration of 20th anniversary of the fall of communism.
Attending the meeting were Romanian and Polish deputies and Senators, members of the Romania-Poland parliamentary friendship group.


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