Severin: PSD has to win European elections first if it wants to see Geoana president

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) has to win the elections of June 7 first if they want to see Mircea Geoana president in November, MEP Adrian Severin, who tops the PSD list of candidates for the European elections said Thursday at the party’s National Council meeting.

He pointed out that, though the right wing’s discourse will apparently sound like that of the left wing during the election campaign, its representatives have another discourse in the European Parliament, „where they have asked for the cut of the money inflow to Romania because the PSD members are corrupted.”

On this occasion, Severin urged people to turn out to the polls saying that „if Romanians are interested in the European funds, they should cast their votes, because it is in their best interest.”

„What do we, the PSD MEPs want? We want to make Romanians proud when they go abroad, grant them equal rights to those of all other European citizens; have an as decent, free life as theirs, a salary like theirs, stability of jobs, schools, hospitals like theirs (…) and a safer life.

The European left wing can provide all these,” Severin said.

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