Bidding offer for Avioane Craiova, extended deadline till June 1

The Authority for State Assets Realization (AVAS) has decided to extend till June 1 this year the bidding offer deadline for Avioane Craiova (south; activity object – aircraft and ship construction and repair, editor’s note), AVAS informs.

„AVAS is aware that Alenia Aeronautics S.p.A. Italy needs to have the needed time to submit the final offer, to improve it and therefore it decided to extend the deadline for the bidder in observance of the Government’s Decision mandating the Authority to conclude the said privatization till June 30, 2009”, the release stressed.

AVAS has decided to postpone this last deadline by just 15 days given that, on one hand, the company’s economic-financial situation which cannot suffer further delays and, on the other hand, the raised interest of the employees in the contract’s finalization, in seeing the company pass into private hands and in premises creation for the company’s development.

AVAS decision was taken on the grounds of Art.7, paragraph 2 of Law 137/2002 on some measures for the speeding up of privatization, which stipulates that „The involved public institution can righteously decide the extension of the sale offer deadline for successive periods, which cannot exceed 30 days each and, when added, cannot go beyond 180 days”.

On May 7, AVAS representatives asked the bidder Alenia Aeronautics S.p.A. to submit its final, improved and irrevocable offer.

SC Avioane Craiova SA privatization process was re-launched in October 2008 through the publication of the sale announcement of an AVAS-held stake. Four task books were purchased and, after several successive extensions, the deadline for submitting the offers was set on Jan. 30, 2009. A single offer was received till that deadline, sent by Alenia Aeronautics S.p.A. Italy.


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