Boc and Berceanu inspect Transylvania motorway


PM Emil Boc and Transport Minister Radu Berceanu on Friday visited several segments of the Transylvania Motorway in the area Turda and Campia Turzii.

Emil Boc gave assurances that the first 42 km. of the motorway on the Gilau-Campia Turzii segment will be carried out this year.

‘Together with Mr. Minister Berceanu I am visiting the Transylvania Motorway because we have two goals: investments, saving Romanians’ jobs and we are interested to see how the 20% of the money which we allotted from the budget for investments are found in reality.

We have already allotted for the for Transylvania motorway as many as 119 million euros, mainly debts from one year ago, but also for new investments.

The good news is that for this segment of motorway of 42 km, from Campia Turzii to Gilau, we have money in the budget to finalize this year. We came to check whether the things are under control even if there are some problems with the locations, with the relocations of utilities.

We are on schedule, say the company’s representatives.

PM Boc also said it is encouraging that Bechtel continues to employ people.

‘We are glad the company has already 2,000 employees on this building site, plus 150 people to be employed for the finalization of the works in due time,’ said Emil Boc.

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