Corlatean: Romania remains Republic of Moldova’s main advocate

Romania remains the main supporter and advocate of the Republic of Moldova’s accession to the European Union, beyond the political context sometimes more complicated, on condition this country observes the accession criteria and, first of all, the democratic standards, stated on Thursday, in Chisinau, Chairman of the Senate’s Foreign affairs committee Titus Corlatean.

Corlatean who is the first Romanian official going to the Republic of Moldova after the diplomatic wrangle between the two states, in the wake of anti-communist demonstrations on April 7, took part in the inauguration of an EU-funded project destined to the aid of Moldovan migrants.

The Romanian official’s message was first of all a political one, of support for the Republic of Moldova to continue its European path, of getting closer to the EU, through observance of the accession criteria and, first of all, of the democratic standards.

At the same time, Titus Corlatean referred to the need of reforms implementation directed to the Republic of Moldova’s economic development.
„As long as there are no interior reforms, absolutely needed, set to generate the economic growth, nobody could imagine that Moldovan citizens would return to the country”, he underlined.

The economic situation is a serious one, poverty is pervasive in the Republic of Moldova and Europeans must be extremely cautious because there is this economic and social problem at their outer border, the Romanian official also said.

Corlatean also pleaded for a more flexible visa regime for Moldovan citizens.

„This is an important political stance because not all in the EU would be in favor of such a project.

The condition is that the Government in Chisinau gives up as soon as possible the aberration of imposing visas for Romania’s citizens, an EU member state, measure which grossly infringes the agreement concluded by Chisinau with the EU for easing the visa regime”, Titus Corlatean also said.

The project called „Consolidation of Moldova’s capacity of labor market management and immigrants’ return”, to be implemented on a three-year period, was launched on Thursday in Chisinau, in the framework of the Mobility Partnership. EU allocated some 3.2 million euros to this project aimed at aiding the Moldovan immigrants to return to their country, as well as those wishing to legally go to the EU.

Attending the launch were some officials from several EU member states which will participate in the implementation of this project.

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