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Employers’ associations expect dialogue and transparence from Government


The employers’ associations and their members want to have a real dialogue with the Government in order to jointly identify and apply concrete solutions to the situation of crisis economy currently faces, Vasile Turcu, president of the Employers’ Confederation in Romania’s Industry (CONPIROM), told the symposium occasioned by the Industry Day on Thursday.

„Unfortunately, the absence of the Government in the first part of the debates has made us talk to one another, part of the political opposition attending, quite true. Of the three component parts of the social and economic dialogue, namely the rulers, the employers’ associations and the trade unions, it is the very representatives of the power that were absent,” the CONPIROM president told.

He made it clear that Secretary of State with the Labour Ministry Valentin Mocanu attended the symposium on the Industry Day only as coordinator of the social dialogue between the employers’ associations and the trade unions.

This is not the indifference of the Government to businessmen, as some participants said, but simply „it was the wrong day and hour,” said Silviu Prigoana, a deputy of the Liberal Democratic Party, who was invited as a „tax-paying citizen.”

President of the Trade Union Confederation Cartel Alfa Bogdan Hossu said that neither the employers’ associations nor the trade unions were involved and, it seems, nobody wanted them to get involved in the anti-crisis measures any longer.

„In mid-January over 300 anti-crisis measures were identified, then structured on mechanisms that should be urgently included in the budget, but almost five months have passed since the Government came to power and we find that 99 percent of what they discussed and pledged to do, in some way or other, did not become operational.

The very few measures that were legislatively validated cannot be applied due to the fact that the dialogue with the social players was not transparent enough.

This is also the case of the ordinance referring to the short-time working, which actually suggests closing down the company in order to become the beneficiary of its provisions,” said the leader of the Alfa Cartel.

As for the 10 billion euros allocated from the budget to the economic development, Bogdan Hossu said that he remarked the lack of transparence in distributing these funds and emphasized the fact that „nobody knows exactly the mechanisms of distributing this money, which should be adequately distributed to the sectors that are the motive powers of the national economy.”

State Counsellor Bujor Bogdan Teodoriu, presidential counsellor on economic and social questions, referred, inter alia, to the state-market ratio and appreciated that „there is a much too marked presence of the state in fields related to business.”

In this context he referred to the National Agency of Farming Consultancy (ANCA) and said that, as long as there are private consultancy companies and a consultancy market, he did not understand why we still needed a public institution in this field, namely ANCA.

Teodoriu also appreciated that the „excessive deficit procedure triggered off against Romania will affect the private sector in one way or another.”
The second Industry Day, which was organized by CONPIROM, brought together the most representative employers’ federations nationwide.

The Employers’ Confederation in Romania’s Industry was set up in 1992. At present 74 employers’ organizations carry out their activity within the federations and 11 collective bargaining agreements are concluded nationwide by the CONPIROM member federations.

Also 70 percent of the industrial output of the national economy is given by the CONPIROM members through the agency of the over 5,000 medium, big and very big trading companies.

More than 3 million employees work with the CONPIROM member trading companies in industry, agriculture, transports and services.


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