Gallup poll: Unemployment, Romanians’ main concern

A Gallup poll conducted between May 5 and 9 and made public on Friday reveals that Romanians see unemployment, financial recession and small revenues as their biggest problems.

According to the poll ordered by the National Center for Sustainable Development, unemployment is the main concern of 32 percent of Romanians, closely followed by the financial crisis (30 percent), small revenues (16 percent) and poverty (11 percent).

Corruption and theft came forth among their concerns (11 percent) while other respondents pointed to the problems in the justice system (3 percent).
Politicians have also been nominated, with 9 percent of respondents denouncing the ‘poor quality of the political class’ a month ahead of the European elections.

60 percent of respondents regard the current economic situation as being poor, 6 percent say it is good while one third believe the truth stands somewhere in the middle.

As regards a forecast of the economic situation, Romanians are pessimistic about it.

Thus, 65 percent expect it to worsen, 9 percent expect it to improve and 21 percent believe it will not change in any direction.

Most Romanians, 59 percent, noticed their living standards are worsening while 8 percent saw an improvement.

85 percent of respondents said they are unsatisfied with ‘how things are going in Romania’ while 13 percent are pleased with it.
1,116 people aged over 18 participated in the Gallup poll.

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