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INS: Birthrate on decrease in March


The birthrate in Romania decreased in March from 10.1 percent, as it was the previous month, to 9.7 percent live births for every 1,000 inhabitants, which is the equivalent of 17,737 babies, read the data of the National Statistics Institute (INS).

As against March 2008 the number of live births is larger by 448 cases and brings about an increase in the birthrate to 9.7 live births for every 1,000 inhabitants as against 9.5 percent in March 2008.

According to the above-mentioned source, the deathrate grew from 12.6 deaths for every 1,000 inhabitants in February to 13.1 percent in March, when there were 23,995 deaths, by 3,184 more than in the previous month.

As compared with March the previous year, the deathrate decreased from 13.1 to 10.2 deaths under one year of age for every 1,000 live births.

The INS research shows that in March 2008 the number of deaths was by 1,797 people larger than in March 2008 and the deathrate increased to 13.1 deaths for every 1,000 inhabitants in March 2009 as against 12.2 per thousand in March 2008.

There was a negative natural increase in March 2009 (-6.3 thousand people) following the number of deaths that was larger than the number of live births, also reads the INS study.

As for the number of marriages, their rate was, in March 2009, 2.3 marriages for every 1,000 inhabitants as against 4 percent in the similar span of time last year following a decrease by 3.2 thousand of the number of marriages. In March 2009 there were 4,131 marriages.

On the other hand, as regards divorces, their rate decreased in March 2009 to 1.73 divorces for every 1,000 inhabitants as against 1.88 percent in the same month 2008.

In March there were final court rulings for 3,154 divorces, down by 91 cases.
According to INS, the demographic data presented for 2008 are final and the ones for March 2009 are operative.


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