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May 15, deadline for income declaration submission


Individual contributors to the state budget, who got income in 2008 from independent activities, by ceding assets use, farming, gains from the transfer of securities (equities, share parts), gains resulted from foreign currency buy-sale term operations have just one day to go till the deadline set for the submission of the respective income declarations to the public finance administrations.

In 2008, the system of sending/receiving by post of the income declarations was used by some 30 percent of the individual contributors.

The analysis made at the request of the President of the National Agency for Tax Administration (ANAF) Sorin Blejnar, at the beginning of 2009, which led to the decision of giving up the system of sending/receiving by post of the income declarations, proved that among those approximately 900,000 individual contributors, who had to submit their income declarations afferent to 2007 till May 15, 2008, some 70 percent preferred to go to the financial administration headquarters.

Either they needed assistance, when completing the form, or had to ask for new forms, reasoning they had lost those received by post, or they were deteriorated.

This generated in 2008 a supplementary spending for ANAF for an added number of forms printing, to be distributed freely to the contributors. In 2008, 700,000 such copies were needed.

Income declarations can be further sent by „confirmed receipt” mail, but contributors must pay the expedition. Form 200 for the income declaration can be downloaded from ANAF’s web site.


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