Norica Nicolai: Romanian MEPs lack vision

Romanian MEPs lack vision, when the future representatives of Romania to the European body should be able to impose policies at Brussels, Liberal candidate for the upcoming euro-parliamentary elections in June Norica Nicolai said, while participating in the launch of the PNL candidates in the central-western Romanian city of Cluj Napoca.

‘Romanian MEPs lack the vision they need built so as to link Romania to Brussels.

We have to know exactly what we want from Brussels. If we want to show that we are a member state of the EU, that we are able to impose solutions and policies, then yes, we need to go to Brussels and fight for a project, to be a national and a European project in the same time,’ Norica Nicolai said.

Vice-Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) said that in his opinion this represents a real chance Romania has in the current context. ‘I will represent the Romanian Transylvania area at the European Parliament.

It depends on us now to capitalize this chance,’ Norica Nicolai said.
Cluj-Napoca hosted on Thursday the regional launch of the PNL candidates for the euro¬parliamentary elections: Norica Nicolai Ovidiu Silaghi and Adrian Oros.

Leader of PNL Cluj Senator Marius Nicoara said that his party aims at getting 23-24 of the total votes nationwide in the euro-parliamentary elections, and 20 percent in Cluj-Napoca.

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