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Premier Boc meets Economy Minister of Baden-Wurttenbe rg Land


Prime Minister Emil Boc had on Thursday, May 14, a meeting at Victoria Palace (Govt. headquarters) with a German delegation headed by Ernst Pfister, Minister of Economy of Baden-Wurttenberg Land, according to a release remitted on Friday.

The two officials appreciated that Romania’s economic exchanges with Baden-Wurttemberg Land rose four-fold and voiced hope they will continue to develop in the upcoming period, despite the economic crisis effects in Europe.

Premier Emil Boc said that during this economic downturn period Romania’s Government has laid the accent on jobs protection and allocated 20 percent of the annual budget to investments.

In his turn, Minister Ernst Pfister appreciated the Romanian Executive’s involvement in securing a stable business environment, which encourages foreign investors, as well as the fiscal policy and keeping on of the flat tax.

The German official also underlined that in the weeks to come an information mechanism will be set up for the German investors interested in Romania’s business environment.

Prime Minister Emil Boc and Minister Ernst Pfister also discussed about the European norms Romania must observe as regards the improvement of technology standards in the field of environment protection, as well as the situation of waste recycling, treatment of residual water and efficient energy use.

The Premier stated that Romania is open to an experience exchange with the German experts in these fields in order to bolster the absorption degree of the European funds allocated to these zones.

„We want to remain EU credible partners and to attract European funds. The current Government has succeeded to surpass in four months the previous government’s results as regards the Community funds absorption and we want to continue at the same pace”, said the Romanian Executive’s head.

Attending the meeting were Gunther Krichbaum, Chairman of the European Affairs Committee of the German Bundestag and rapporteur of CDU/CSU parliamentary group for Romania and Roland Lohkamp, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Romania.

Economy Minister of Baden-Wurttenberg Land is present in Romania to participate in the fifth session of Romania-Baden-Wurttemberg Governmental Commission.


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