President Basescu encourages Romanian-Moldovan partnerships between local administrations

President Traian Basescu, present, on Friday, at the Forum of the local authorities in Romania and the Republic of Modlova, in Piatra Neamt, eastern Romania, encouraged the representatives of the Romanian public administration to initiate and consolidate the partnerships with the local administration in the Republic of Moldova.

„You can grant assistance in the field of legislation and its harmonization to the standards of the European Union (EU).

You can organize exchanges of experience between experts and civil servants from the local public administration, you can draw European financing, develop projects for the local community,” said president Basescu, voicing hope that the forum in P iatra Neamt will become a tradition, at least annual, apt to institute a permanent cooperation framework.

According to the head of state, Romania crossed a long and difficult track as regards the re¬organization of the local public administration, in order to adjust itself to the European standards. He believes that the representatives of the local public administration from the Republic of Moldova have an additional chance to learn from the mistakes of the Romanian authorities as regards the process of decentralization.

„Romania does not give lessons. It has never intended to look like a parent in the relations between us.

On the contrary, it wanted to be the parents who supports the actions of the other,” stressed the head of state. We believe that a good administration at the first edition of this forum is a moment confirming the interest for the promotion of the local initiatives in the field of cross-border cooperation between the two countries.

„From the point of view of Romania, this forum is a moment we support at the level of all institutions.

We believe that the good cooperation between the local administration in Romania and the Republic of Moldova is such as to consolidate the historic relations between the businessmen from the two banks of the Prut, ” stressed the president.

According to him, the participants in the forum have available 138 million euros, that they can access until 2013, making projects for various fields, such as transport, the environment infrastructure.

Basescu said that the main premise for the working of the partnerships between the local administrations from Romania and the Republic of Moldova is the political will, and the cross-border cooperation has also to be related to the existence of an economic environment apt to favour the appearance and development of partnerships as well as the creation of a feeling of belonging to a common cultural space, going beyond the border.

He stated that these criteria are met from the perspective of the relations between the local authorities.

He said that the criteria are met from the perspective of the relations between the local authorities from Romania and the Republic of Moldova, but this assertion can stay valid only for the cooperation at central level. In this respect, Basescu reminded that, at the end of March, 12 locally elected officers from Romania, head of the Council of Vaslui among them and deputy head of the Local Council of Iasi could not enter the Republic of Moldova, in order to participate in a meeting that approached the strategy of development of Siret-Prut-Nistru Euro-region.

„Such situations are not good for the cooperation of the local administrations they undermine our capacity of involvement.

The Euro-regions of the Lower Danube, Upper Prut and Siret-Prut-Dniester promoted environment infrastructure and tourism projects, Basescu also mentioned congratulating those involved.

„The intensification of the cooperation between the Euro-regions led to the creation of direct links between representatives of the administrative units between the two states and to the consolidation of dialogue, ” Basescu pointed out.

About 150 mayors of municipalities from Romania and the Republic of Moldova are attending, in Piatra Neamt, the first edition of the Forum of Local Administrations, held by the Romanian minister of Foreign Affairs (MAE), the Department for the Relations with the Romanian everywhere and the association of the municipalities in Romania.

The talks were focused on the administrative decentralization in the field of public health, public order, culture and social assistance, the development of local partnerships for projects with European funding.

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