Prince Radu on his presidential offer

Prince Radu on Friday in the Black Sea resort of Constanta said that his political independence, competence and the fact that he really wants a change of the presidential institution are extra-qualities he has as compared to other candidates to presidency.

„The fact that I run as independent is a good thing, as the Constitution clearly says that a president’s position should be neutral.

There is also the competence I have gained in many years of studies and public service and also the fact that I am the only candidate who wants a change of the presidential institution…” Prince Radu told.

In his opinion, the talks he has with the people show him that they have started to believe things can be changed for the better.

„But I always tell them I can’t do it alone, but only together with them,” Prince Radu said.

On Friday he paid a visit to Constanta and met with representatives of the Turkish-Tartar minority and with professors and students of the Andrei Saguna University.

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