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Romania must continue justice reforms, says Gunther Kirchbaum


Romania made some progress in the justice field, but equally it must continue the reform path in this area, stated on Thursday Chairman of the European Affairs Committee in Bundestag – Lower chamber of German Parliament – Gunther Kirchbaum, in a press conference given at Germany’s Embassy in Bucharest.

The German MP reminded that the legal codes drafts are in ongoing debates in the Parliament, saying that the criminal and civil codes provisions are good and should be adopted, whereas the procedure codes would need some modifications.

He appreciated Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu activity and underlined that he needs Parliament’s support.

As well, Kirchbaum viewed as a positive signal the extension of Daniel Morar’s mandate at the helm of DNA, underscoring it represents „a credibility factor, Romania’s new face”.

According to the German MP, progress was made as for CSM functioning, of judges and prosecutors taking their places.

Last, but not least, he hailed the start of ANI activity, reminding that it launched probes in the case of seven ministers and four mayors.

On the other hand, Gunther Kirchbaum drew attention upon the fact that the monitoring report on justice will be released soon by the EU and, in this context, Bundestag recently approved a resolution asking the European Commission to adopt some measures, if the report’s content will be a negative one.

„We give this signal, so that the remaining time till the report is used for reforms adoption because, following Romania’s EU accession, all involved sides must assume their responsibility to this end”, pointed out the German MP.

He also brought criticism to the fact that, at present, „an exacerbated infighting” takes place in Romania at the political level between the parties, which „are lost in small matters” instead of being concerned about the achievement of the major objective represented by reforms to the citizens’ benefit.

The German official sustained that parliamentary immunity is viewed in Romania as a privilege for some politicians. He reminded the case of PSD leader Adrian Nastase, saying that this is discussed quite a lot in Germany, but added that in Romania „there are many cases of Adrian Nastase type”.

„There is no reason why one cannot eliminate immunity for some politicians. The credibility of the rule of law is in question here and, if there are suspicions in case of some politicians, they must be cleared up in the courts of justice and, when found guilty, they must be convicted according to their wrongdoings…

The fight against corruption must be seriously looked into because corruption hits the most disadvantaged categories of people”, underlined the German MP.


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