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Sandero Diesel and Logan with 1.2l engine on Romanian market as of June


Romanian car maker Dacia will release in Romania the Diesel version of Sandero model starting June 2009, after 9 months since the release on the French market where the starting price is of 10.500 euros.

The officials of the plant in Pitesti announced that in June they will also present Dacia Sandero and Dacia Logan with 1.2l engines on gasoline. Both models were released in France in February 2009 and the starting price is of 7.800 euros.

Depending on the market on which its is present, Dacia Sandero is available in several variants: 1.2 16V, 1.4 75 HP and 1.6, 90 HP and two diesel types of engines 1.5 DCI of 70 HP and 85 HP.

On some foreign markets, such as the Italian and French market, it is traded a GPL version of the Dacia car.
Automobile Dacia on Thursday launched at the Auto Salon in Barcelona the Sandero Stepway model, the first SUV-crossover in the history of the company.

The new model is based on the same idea the Renault Sandero Stepway last year launched on the South America market was based on. Unlike Sandero, the new model benefits of a 2cm-higher ground clearance specific to SUVs. Despite expectations, the new model benefits not of integral traction.

Automobile Dacia reported last year an operational margin of 260.7 million lei (70.8 million euros), accounting for 3.4 percent of the turnover of 7.63 billion lei (2.073 billion euros).

At the same time, the car maker reported for 2008 profit worth 213 million lei (some 60 million euros), half the sum reported in the previous year.


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