South Korea voices interest in Romania’s travel industry

Chairman of the South Korean Parliament Hyong-O voiced South Korea’s interest in Romania’s travel industry at a meeting on Friday in Bucharest, at the Parliament Palace, with Deputy Chair of the Romanian Senate Anca Boagiu.

Boagiu says Hyong-O noticed the tourist potentials of the Bran Castle and the Parliament

‘I have reiterated my satisfaction over the conclusion in September 2008 of a joint declaration on a strategic partnership between Romania and South Korea, which marked the first strategic partnership of Romania with an Asian country.

The Korean party voiced interest in the development of Romania’s travel industry, appreciating the existing tourist facilities in Romania and mentioning some of them.

The first mentioned was of course the famous Dracula Castle, and he also remarked how important in terms of tourist potentials the Parliament Palace is,’ Boagiu told.

Discussions highlighted the part Romania might play in developing economic relations between the European Union and South Korea, as well as the possibility of developing programmes under which Romanian and South Korean authorities may exchange experience in the areas of energy and agriculture.

‘We discussed the role Korean investments have played in Romania’s economic development and the part Romania can now play, as an EU member state, so as to benefit South Korea in economic terms.

The Korean guests also highlighted their energy expertise, which they want to share with Romania. Mr. Hyong-O voiced hope that cooperation will increase in agriculture, where Korea is less advanced than Romania and needs Romania’s expertise,’ said Boagiu.

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