Austrian embassy investigates case of document that reached the press

The Austrian Embassy in Bucharest said it ‘deeply’ regrets that a document allegedly coming from this embassy regarding a meeting of President Traian Basescu with the ambassador of the European Union was made public.

The Austrian authorities initiated an inquiry into the matter and they will make all the necessary steps for the clarification of the matter.

The Austrian Embassy mentions that the drawing up of reports concerning a number of talks and contacts of the embassy have an internal character and does not represent the official Austrian stance, reads a press release sent on May 18 by the embassy of Austria to Bucharest.

The source stresses, on this occasion, the excellent character of the bilateral relations between the two countries, that acquired a new dimension, after Romania’s accession to the European Union.

The leading dailies said that a so-called document of the Austrian Embassy in Bucharest reads that President Traian Basescu will make a decision regarding his candidacy to the presidential election only this Sept, function of the effects of the economic crisis, and Emil Boc would be prepared as a reserve candidate of the PD-L.

The report would say, according to the media, the contents of the talks of the head of state with the ambassadors of the EU countries accredited in Bucharest.

The document, which was drawn up under the signature of of Austrian ambassador Martin Eichtinger, is dated May 14 and is addressed to the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as to the ambassador of Austria in Brussels, Chisinau, Kiev and Moscow.

Asked about the topic, president Traian Basescu said, on Sunday, at Realitatea TV station, that the text in question is ‘a lost letter’.

‘It creates no problem to me. I am afraid that the Austrian Embassy has to give an explanation.

We have to see to what extent the Austrian embassy assumes it, and only after that we will react, but we cannot react to a document which we do not know whom he belongs to. It is a lost letter, ‘ stated Traian Basescu.

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