Basescu: I did not make a decision, if I run for president or not

President Traian Basescu said, on Sunday (May 16), in a tv broadcast, that he did not yet make a decision on his candidacy for the presidential election, but that his main adversary is the crisis, and if a social slippage is reached he will not run for a new term in office.

‘I did not make a decision if I run or not. I do not have as an opponent neither Geoana, nor Antonescu,’ my adversary is the crisis.

Asked what the level of the crisis which will convince him not to run for the election, he said it is the slippage. Slippage means that we reach an unemployment of over ten percent, so with two digits, Spain already has 18 officially announced.

I believe it would be impossible to address the Romanians because it is hard to tell them that it is not the president who is the first responsible. But the president has influence, even though he does not have levers, he has influence in Romanian politics, when he is in cohabitation as well as when he is in a partnership, Basescu said.

He said that in case he will decide that he has no reasons to run for president, it is the PDL that has to decide.

‘As regards the PD-L, categorically, if I make the decision that assuming an economic and social slippage of Romania to say that I will not run, it is the PDL which has to decide,’ the president explained.

He also said that this option is related to his education and with his professional experience.

‘Probably, he said, and it is here that comes my education and the manner in which I have seen things all my life. You are a ship commander in a strong storm, you no longer reach Yokohama the moment you had to, you reach it a day later, by you do, but if the ship sinks, you will never go there (….)

I modern state which does not succeed to avoid a drama, takes responsibility to to those at the head of the state.

The first responsibility comes to the head of state, ‘ he said.

The president also said that in his mandate, the most important objective has been the modernization of the institutions of that it has not yet been finalized taking into account that decentralization, has not yet been achieved, and that it is too much red tape, and justice is not yet efficient enough.

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