MEP Cristian Busoi: Romania needs experienced, highly motivated and trained representatives in EP

In an interview, Liberal MEP Cristian Busoi, who seeks another term in the European Parliament, said that one of the reasons why is running for a new term in the European lawmaking body has to do with the importance of Romania’s being represented by 33 „highly experienced, motivated and trained” politicians.

„The major reason why I want to continue my term as MEP is related to the importance the presence, in the European Parliament, of 33 highly experienced, motivated and trained MEP, carries for Romania…

We are part of the European Union and most of the decisions affecting us are not taken only in Bucharest or county capital cities – for the decentralized system – but also in Brussels or Strasbourg.

Some apply automatically, others are transposed into national law, and yet again others are just recommendations, but anyway they influence the way we look on public policies in Romania,” said Liberal Cristian Busoi.
He mentioned that the most important project he worked on as a Euro-parliamentarian has been the EU telecommunications reform package.

„I was working in particular on the rights of citizens and consumers of telecommunication services.

Alongside other MEPs, we succeeded in improving the citizens’ rights as regards electronic communication, protecting their intimacy and privacy in communication – be it via the Internet, mobile phone or landline – and handle so as to create the legal framework for protecting them against potential abuses by the industry.

Special attention was attached to promoting the emergency hotline 112 and the amendments operated on the issue…

Our major accomplishment in this respect has been the introduction into law of the mandatory requirement for mobile and landline operators to ensure the technical conditions for the prompt identification of the 112 caller,” said Busoi.

Among other achievements of his MEP term, the Liberal also mentioned the Directive on cross-border healthcare – providing that any European citizen can receive medical care in any EU country without prior authorization, and have the costs refunded up to what he/she would have been charged in his/her homeland – and support for the Republic of Moldova in getting closer to the EU, „even if the latest events, with the repression of opposition and the breach of human rights by the communist government, as well as the rigging of elections all cast an unfavorable light on the efforts of Moldova to get closer to the Union.’.

„I believe we have a historic duty to support them, because over the years, this will also benefit the youth who tried to make a revolution, not necessarily the profiteers of a political context who rush to grab the helms of the country,’ underscored Busoi.

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