PM Boc displays moderate optimism over economic developments

Attending on Saturday the presentation of the Democratic Liberal Party’s candidates for the European Parliament (EP), PM Emil Boc said that there are some positive signals from economy, but that he only looks at them with moderate optimism.

„I assure you that together with my colleagues in the Government and in the Partnership for Romania, we will see that we overcome this crisis,” said Emil Boc, showing that Romania is far better off than other countries.

„In Romania we succeed in containing the negative effects of the economic crisis. Since April, there have been some positive signals and I want to make myself well understood: I only nurture moderate optimism.

I am realistic that the crisis is not over in Romania, I am realistic and, just like my colleagues, I am aware that the road ahead is difficult,” underscored the Premier.

Addressing the more than one thousand people present at the unveiling of the PD-L candidates, Emil Boc highlighted the key goals of his Cabinet and of the party he is leading: joining the Schengen Area in 2011, switching to the euro in 2014, absorbing community funds, having monitoring on justice removed and overcoming economic crisis.


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